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Considering a Casein Free Diet or You Are Lactose Intolerant - Do You Have to Give up Dairy for Good?

Since most milk found on grocery store shelves today is pasteurized, active enzymes and nutrients are destroyed in order to make milk products easier to digest. But as a result, pasteurization kills beneficial microflora, making commercial milk an unhealthy food choice - especially as you restore your inner ecology.

While you work to heal your body from a number of health issues, including autism and digestive disorders, The Body Ecology Diet recommends that dairy is avoided during stage one of the diet.

As you improve your digestive health, it's more than possible to reintroduce dairy - as long as it is fermented. Milk kefir can be enjoyed on stage two of the Body Ecology Diet. However, kefir made from goat or cow's milk will still contain casein; this is why it’s important to wait until your gut is healed completely before reintroducing dairy to your diet.

In the meanwhile… You can benefit your digestive health and greatly improve your immunity by populating your gut with the same healthy bacteria found in milk kefir by making young coconut kefir at home. Not only will drinking young coconut kefir help to quickly restore your digestive health, but it can also cleanse the liver, improve digestion, and eliminate sugar cravings.

Even though many of us have been led to believe that drinking milk is an essential staple of a healthy diet, it may be time to question your tolerance for milk if you suffer from unpleasant symptoms after consuming dairy.

The inability to digest casein can cause respiratory, skin, digestive, and immunity problems. Until your digestive health has been reestablished, consider young coconut kefir a great alternative to milk to support your inner ecology!


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